Philosophy and Values

The provision of quality drug treatment at affordable prices to all people across the globe in a manner that supports sustainability.


Our Values

Dedication to patient well-being: We are first and foremost acting in the interests of patients. That is why we are in business and it will always be our first priority.

Professionalism and integrity: Science and consistency are part of our DNA. In all our actions we strive to act in accordance with the highest professional standards and with the utmost integrity.

A passion for what we do: We pride ourselves in having people who feel passionate about the business we are in. Our high retention is partly attributable to this value, and partly to a rewarding workplace environment. Being part of the Medochemie family also provides opportunities to engage in charity, sports and other community events.

Attracting, developing and retaining the best people: We aim to attract the best people, developing them both through the job and formal training. At the same time, we make sure that their efforts are both recognised and rewarded.

Flexibility and agility while remaining unwavering in our commitment to quality: We remain true to our entrepreneurial roots by avoiding unnecessary managerial layers and by being flexible and agile, responding quickly to changing circumstances. At the same time, our commitment to quality is firm and uncompromising. It is a company-wide practice.