Corporate Governance and Transparency

Public Disclosure of the Transfer of Value to Healthcare Community:

Medochemie, having a patient-centric approach in every aspect of its operations, is committed to create a culture of transparency and trust and to act in a manner that promotes integrity and sustainability, always complying with the European and national legislations, as well as the ethical codes of practice. Operating with integrity and always putting the interests of patients first, we act within the context defined by the legal framework of the European Pharmaceutical Industry.

As a member of the European Association ‘Medicines for Europe’, formerly known as the European Generics Medicines Association (EGA) that represents the European generic, biosimilar and valued added pharmaceutical industries, we are committed to comply with its Code of Conduct and have established the processes and procedures that ensure that our interactions and associates are treated fairly, respectfully and with integrity throughout all our activities, in order for us to continue being a trusted healthcare partner.

Medochemie discloses data of its collaboration with HealthCare Professionals (HCPs), HealthCare Organizations, Patient Associations and Patient Organizations, by publishing any activities that include transfers of value to HealthCare Organizations such as research and educational grants, as well as to individual HCPs, including speaker honoraria, advisory or consultancy services and contributions to education programs


Country Files
Cyprus Methodological Note 2018
Disclosure 2018
Bulgaria Methodological Note 2018
Disclosure 2018
Czech Methodological Note 2018
Disclosure 2018
Greece Methodological Note 2018
Disclosure 2018
Romania Methodological Note 2018
Disclosure 2018
Latvia Methodological Note 2018
Disclosure 2018
Lithuania Methodological Note 2018 - Representative Office
Disclosure 2018 - Representative Office
Methodological Note 2018
Disclosure 2018
Portugal According to the Portuguese National legislation, any disclosure of value of transfer shall be disclosed to the public platform of the Local Ministry of Health. Please follow the below link to access our disclosure of transfer of value in Portugal:
Slovakia No relevant activities performed to Slovakia within 2018