Medochemie and the Cyprus Medical Association join forces in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic

As people come face to face with the new COVID-19 virus pandemic, Medochemie is here to help in the fight by joining forces with the Cyprus Medical Association, financially supporting their efforts to provide protective equipment to health professionals, who courageously put their lives at risk every day.

According to Medochemie’s Sales Manager, Mr. Nicos Christides, we are experiencing dramatically unprecedented situations, which is why Medochemie, with a sense of responsibility and sincere interest in the health and well-being of citizens, actively participates in the fight against the COVID-19 killer virus.
Sharing the anxiety of the Cyprus Medical Association, Mr. Christides stressed, Medochemie financially supports the efforts to ensure specialized protective sanitary material, which will be offered to health professionals, who are the front line fighters. Protecting them is a vital priority, and we are confident that together we will be able to defeat this insidious enemy.

Thanking Medochemie, the President of the Cyprus Medical Association, Dr. Petros Agathangelou, expressed his respect and appreciation for its timeless support and contribution, both in the scientific and social work carried out by the medical community and medicine in general.
At the same time, Dr. Agathangelou suggested that Medochemie's generous offer to CMA doctors to provide the necessary protection and safety equipment against COVID-19 highlights the high sense of social responsibility that characterizes the company and its human approach, especially in times when the health of citizens and health professionals is tested.

At Medochemie, we continuously follow all updates regarding COVID-19 as the disease understanding evolves and do our best to be agile and take all actions that will safely navigate us through this global health crisis.
Safeguarding the health of all people is our priority.