An innovative art project promoting environmental protection

On Friday, May 17, Medochemie, in cooperation with the Municipality of Yermasoyia and the Limassol Nautical Club, presented an innovative recycling project in the context of its environmental activations and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The "Recycling Fish", an original work by the artist Apostolos Panteli, was created for the recycling of plastics, aiming to further raise public awareness and result in the citizens’ active participation in environmentally friendly actions and the marine ecosystem.
Dr. Christakis Sergides, Chairman of Medochemie's Committee for Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, said: "According to recent studies, plastics account for 95% of the trash found in the Mediterranean Sea at a concentration estimated to be 1.25 million pieces of plastic per square kilometer. When entering the food chain, they pose a threat not only to marine life but also to human health.
Today, out of the 27 million tonnes of plastic waste produced each year by all European Union countries, only 30% is recycled. Unless necessary measures are taken, by the year 2050 oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish.
According to a recent study published by the Macquarie University of Australia, chemicals released from plastic waste in the oceans destroy microorganisms that produce more than 10% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. "
He concluded that Medochemie, having as its mission the protection of human health, intends to continue its work by supporting similar initiatives in other areas of Cyprus and invited all those involved to integrate recycling into their daily lives. "
Environmental Commissioner Ioanna Panagiotou, Mayor of Yermasogyia Kyriakos Xydias and Limassol Nautical Club Chairman George Panagiotou, who in turn mentioned the vital role of recycling, acknowledging Medochemie’s initiative, also attended the event. Mrs. Daphne Pitta, member of Medochemie Board, the Mayor of Yermasoyia and LNC Chairman, made the unveiling of the art installation.