An innovative art project in the fight against sea pollution

Aiming to protect the environment as well as raising public awareness and participation in environmental friendly activities, Medochemie in collaboration with Paphos Municipality has presented an innovative Recycling Project in Municipal Baths beach.
The installation of the “Recycling Fish”, an original art project in the shape of a fish, will took place on Friday, June 26th at 18:00 and is part of the company's environmental action and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
Through this initiative’s Medochemie wishes to promote the message that we should all include recycling in our daily lives, as according to recent studies, plastics account for 95% of the trash found in the Mediterranean Sea and which, through the food chain, end up in the human body, posing serious risks on our health.
The magnitude of the disaster is demonstrated by the fact that out of the 27 million tonnes of plastic waste produced each year by all European Union countries, only 30% is recycled. Unless necessary measures are taken, by the year 2050 oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish, while the reputation of the Mediterranean as a tourist destination and area with rich fishery will have been irreparably affected.
Dr. Christakis Sergides, Chairman of Medochemie's Committee for Environmental Protection and Energy Saving, mentioned that the COVID-19 crisis, which has led to an increase in the production of plastic products such as surgical masks, gloves and protective equipment, makes the need for recycling even more urgent.
In the same responsible way we’ve been facing the pandemic, Dr. Sergidis added, we must also fight the pollution of our seas. Recycling can slow down the extinction of millions of marine animals and the destruction of microorganisms that produce more than 10% of the oxygen we breathe.
It is worth mentioning that Medochemie, dedicated to its mission regarding the protection of human health, intends to continue installing recycling projects in additional beaches around Cyprus, always in close cooperation with local authorities.