Dr. Andreas Pittas Park - An environmental gem by Medochemie

Limassol will soon acquire a state-of-the-art park, which will be named after the founder of Medochemie, Dr. Andreas Pittas.
The park, which will be located in the Industrial Area of Agios Athanasios and in proximity to Medochemie factory and the residential area of Linopetra, will be one of the largest green zones in the heart of the city, with an area of over 30,000 sq.m.


This ecological gem is expected to become a point of reference and relaxation for the people working in the area, but also an ecological pole of attraction for the citizens of Limassol.
The cost of landscaping and maintenance of the park "Dr. Andreas Pittas ", which will amount to approximately 2 million euros, will be solely financed by Medochemie, within the framework of the company's Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility program.
According to Dr. Christakis Sergides, Chairman of Medochemie's Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Committee, ongoing climate change is, according to the World Health Organization, the greatest threat to health in the 21st century.
If we do not pause the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the greenhouse effect, something that trees and plants achieve during their photosynthesis, we will continue to undermine our food and water supplies and the quality of the air we breathe. Therefore, Dr. Sergides suggested, the green zone in "Dr. Andreas Pittas Park" will be a natural source of "storage" of carbon dioxide, thus contributing to the fight against climate change.
It is worth noting that the whole project is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry, the Municipality of Agios Athanasios and the Committee of the Association of the Industrial Area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAgios Athanasios.