2nd Conference on Sustainable Medicine and Environment

Lisa Theodosiou, Operations Optimization Senior Manager and Vyron Kourouzides our Health, Safety and Environmental Officer, participated in the 2nd Conference on Sustainable Medicine and Environment, which took place in Munich, Germany on May 22-23.
Participants at the conference were leading pharmaceutical companies from various countries, researchers and decision-making centres, with the aim of discussing practices to optimize the use of technology in drug production combined with environmental sustainability.
More specifically, the subjects discussed during the conference were among others:
- The exploration of innovative and eco-friendly technologies for drug production to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint.
- The advancement of the application of green chemistry principles to design environmentally benign pharmaceutical processes.
- Strategies to minimise waste generation, optimise resource utilisation, and promote circular economy practices in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
- Addressing the environmental impact of pharmaceutical packaging and promoting sustainable alternatives.
- The implementation of water-saving technologies and sustainable water management practices in pharmaceutical production
- Evaluating the environmental impact of drugs throughout their life cycle and identifying areas for improvement
- Harnessing digital technologies and artificial intelligence to optimise drug discovery and development processes, reducing resource consumption