Medochemie Sponsors the theatrical performances of the play “Romiosini”

Within the context of its cultural and social responsibility program, Medochemie organises for another year theatrical performances in collaboration with the Theatrical Group of the University of Cyprus to honour the 100 years anniversary since the death of the leading Cypriot Poet, Vasilis Michaelides. The play named "Romiosyni” is based on the poem "9th of July 1821" written by the famous poet, detailing the events leading to the execution of the Greek Cypriot Leadership by the Ottoman rulers of the time.

The first theatrical performance was held on Thursday, 1st of June 2017, at the Curium Ancient theatre, with the attendance of a large number of doctors, dentists and pharmacists. The Executive Chairman of the Medochemie, Dr. Andreas Pittas, welcomed the guests with a short speech, using at his introduction  lyrics from the famous poem “Chiotissa” (the Woman from Chios) followed by expressing his excitement and admiration for the work of Vasilis Michaelidis.

An introduction to the play was given by Professor Pieris, who congratulated and thanked Dr. Pittas and Medochemie for their great appreciation and constant support to the Country's culture and quality productions.

The cast, with their impeccable act conveyed to the audience the tragic, yet expressive and melodic atmosphere of the era, as recorded by the great poet in his piece. Professor Michalis Pieris, the dramatist and director of the play, with great philological respect and creativity combined harmoniously the poet's overall work in a single performance. Evagoras Karagiorgis, with his inspiring music to the lyrics, significantly intensified the intellectual dimension of the performance.

Medochemie with this organization offered the audience the opportunity to enjoy a high quality theatrical performance in the unparalleled aesthetic of the Ancient Curium Theater and spend a wonderful night, enriched with high spiritual and cultural values.